The day of Great Britain culture in Belarus 2019

The great car of British Queen... The best British luxury cars. And Jaguars!

All videos and photos are mine :)

Prince Wheeliam - New Bentley Continental GT

The new Bentley Continental GT is located near the Vankovich Palace, a place of famous Belarusian artist and poet. Surrounded by the professional guard of honor, it drew the attention of everyone. The British green, just like the one on the lotus of the famous Jim Clark, shone like a divine blessing from heaven and thousands of emeralds.

In the cartoon Cars 2, Continental GT car parodied Prince William. Bentley were and in Monte-Carlo.

Inside, everything is covered with wood, royal lacquer and aluminum ... The front leather heated seats, ventilation and massage set them apart from the usual sports car seats. I found out, Bentley Motors stated that a person with a height of 180 cm would fit comfortably in both the front and rear seats.

But how does Jeremy Clarkson test it? It would be interesting to know what he thinks about the royal conditions inside. Maybe this is the car that would satisfy the high demands of Clarkson. But Jeremy's inquiries are as high as he himself, and it seems Bentley did not get them. I even know what Jeremy thinks about massage chairs! He believes that the chairs are crammed with Thai girls playing naked in a twist game.

James May adore this brand for good reason. His height is just suitable for a trip in this car with the most possible comfortable conditions. English homeliness, something that should please James. Also, the choice of the client is given a huge amount of various colors of leather and wood for upholstery.

With a truly British scale, Belarus-UK Day was celebrated. The festival area was the largest of all the other festivals. And this means that our friendship with England is the largest and strongest.

In addition to the excellent luxury cars of English production, the most important cultural values ​​of England were presented, which show its Greatness and Dignity. For example, Street vegan food, Street green attitude to life and proper sorting, recycling, Street assistance to all in need, where the United Nations and various peacemaking and green organizations. Of course there were also quarters of learning English, where you can take a mini-IELTS test or get into universities in England.

And this cute person from Wales readily read aloud to us such a wonderful word that the Belarusians stammered and stumbled to read to the end in a few minutes. Once James said that Richard knows Wales language very well.

And more the best British cars...

The red box, Big Ben, the famous bridge, the Ferris wheel and all cuisine the British took with them to Minsk ... All the people in Belarus were absolutely delighted, packed their bags and flew away to London for real ...

I tried to pick up all the suitcases ... It did not work :)

Wonderful Jaguar

And they brought a real royal symphony orchestra along with bagpipes and Scots in skirts from London! I was just creating a collection of Scottish clothing for the 2nd year of my studies at the institute as a fashion designer.

When I found out that the London Royal Orchestra would fly to us to play classic best melodies in September, I immediately bought a ticket for the first row in the center :)

Even the British oval ball was also presented along with a variety of sports fields with true British sports games.

Everywhere walked affectionate cute Welsh Corgi, with big ears.

All visitors were offered to leave a photo on instagram and print out a mini photo on the British giant flag.

At the early morning

At the early morning

The theater square with these old versions of English dolls, an art gallery of English artists with interactive zones, large-scale children's zones ...

Beautiful Jaguar

The whole mini universe of Lego also represented that day England, the homeland of many discoveries and inventions for the whole world. There was such a red phone booth. The door to it opened and closed, and inside if you press the button, the melody is heard and they speak English to you. And it glows ... I liked it.

Rows of tents with English literature.

And such a wonderful green, but very elegant crocodile. Is it also from England? Funny :)

Very proud Jaguar

In the zone where IT was represented and the achievements of England in high technology, I met someone similar to Stig ... He even had the inscription "STEP". Because it’s still not exactly Stig, so the inscription is ...

The concert from the group Apple, the most iconic English hits, the best performers directly from England ... And English dances!

Everywhere mini copies of English sights. There was also a historical part! Everything was very Great. Great and Grand. Is it sounds The Great Tour?

Fast as a bunny

There was a lot of fish and chips. But as a vegan, I got very tasty marshmallows without animal components. Well, isn't that the happiness of a lifetime?

JCB. B-e-e-e. A technique that even a child can easily control

Contests, prizes, gifts ... It was fun. But this is not even the most important thing. The most important thing is the JCB technology exhibition! There were four construction vehicles. And the photo booth on their background, giving a photo on the hands with a company logo. I was able to sit behind the wheel of each and click on the beep, which publishes a very clear and very branded Bee. It was a discovery for me.

I could not sit behind this excavator ... It is truly better than any carousel in Dreamland and Amusement Park! Richard Hammond loves this technique of this company, the best in the world, and it was especially interesting to rise above the city of Minsk on a ladle.

It’s quite reliable, everything is far visible and very much fun to watch how the security guard shoots me on video on my phone camera ... As it turned out, he forgot to press the start button and I had to repeat everything again, proudly holding my personal little escalator in the Simba posture above the Earth standing on a large excavator bucket under heaven. Suddenly it is this epic video that I lost somewhere on the computer ... It happens. Only a few pathetic pictures are left and not with me. But the enthusiastic faces of these happy people will help you understand how beautiful this technique is for all of us.

JCB song

JCB sing! :)

Thank you very much for reading! I hope you like it and have a good time. I wish you have a Great day and have fun! :) Always be happy!

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