The De Tomaso P72 is going to be powered by a 700-hp American V8

Alejandro De Tomaso's contribution to the car world is widely undervalued. While people remember him for creating the eponymous manufacturer and for giving us timeless classics like the Mangusta and the Pantera, De Tomaso also saved Maserati from bankruptcy, started his own F1 team and even sold Ghia and Vignale to Ford. In fact, he kept a close relationship with Ford throughout his entire career so we're all happy to hear that the P72, the upcoming hypercar that bears his name, is going to be powered by a Ford V8.

The P72 was introduced at this year's Goodwood Festival and it was received with praise. You can see why. It looks great, sort of retro-futuristic and with that "LeMans racer" feeling to it. It is based on the underpinnings of the Apollo Intensa Emozione and it is going to utilize a Ford Coyote V8 with - you're going to like this - a 6-speed manual. The 5 L supercharged V8 has been developed in partnership with Roush. De Tomaso says it will produce "at least 700 hp and 608 lb-ft of torque with 91 octane fuel".

Production is scheduled for 2020 and only 72 units will be ever be built, for $846,000 each. Oh well.

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