'The Dean' is a truly bizarre Boxster tribute to James Dean's 550 Spyder

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In September 1955, James Dean was killed whilst driving his Porsche 550 Spyder in California. He was involved in a head on collision at the age of just 24. He'd only just purchased his 550 Spyder and given it the nickname "Little Bastard."


"Little Bastard" was said to be cursed as parts that were taken from the wreckage would go on to be used in other cars that would also meet a fatal end. You can read about this 'curse' in the great article by Alen R above.

Most people assumed that the curse was probably over by now, but they were wrong. Going up for sale in the Amelia Island 2019 auction in March is this tribute called "The Dean." It is based on a 1997 Porsche Boxster but has had a fair amount of cosmetic surgery.

I don't want to be too mean about this car, as it has good intentions behind it, but I seem to be the only one who thinks it looks horrendous. It is a one of a kind coach-build by 'one of the top coach-builders in Germany.' I don't have much knowledge of the German coach-building scene, but it doesn't look competitive…

Credit: motoryracing.com

Pictured above you can see what "The Dean" is trying to pay tribute to. The original 550 Spyder was a gorgeous car and with James Dean putting his personal touches on it, it was as cool as they come.

When I first laid eyes upon this Dean tribute, I thought it was a home-built project using parts found in the bin behind Halfords, but no, this is a professionally built 'award winning' project.

It has more in common with this stunning Bugatti Veyron home-build found on eBay rather than a custom coach-build if you ask me.

I wouldn't normally be this aggressive to an individuals passionate work into a tribute car, but it is up for sale on the prestigious RM Sotheby's website, alongside £30 million Ferraris. It has had the beautiful photography shoot treatment where it still looks shocking.

Just look at that rear light. That could have easily been taken from a local Vauxhall Nova meet, but it is next to a lovely leather engine bonnet strap. I'm so confused.

Could you guys help me settle this once and for all and put my mind at rest.

For more images and info, you can visit the auction listing here:



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