The deleted scenes of Pixar's cars... are scary.

As scary as they were, they really made me further invested into this movie.

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Living the 2000s as an 'insolent' elementary school student, 'Cars' was my favorite animated film and also one of my favorite car films along with The Fast and The Furious series, The Italian Job, and The Transporter series (yes, I was less than 10 and I had all of them on DVD). The incredible opening shot of Lightning McQueen revving his engine to the stage, the dramatic race scenes, Doc Hudson's spectacular dirt drift in Radiator Springs, and the comical, charming, and didactic story still captivates me to watch it on repeat.

Cars, compared to many Disney and Pixar films, doesn't contain many violent/gruesome scenes, with the most brutal scene being Chick Hicks getting shredded and turn into a green goo by a combine harvester named Frank... in McQueen's dream. My recent encounter with the deleted scenes of Cars, however, made me realize that Cars could've been a quite horrifying film - which makes it much more interesting since people barely associate horror with Pixar. For a total of five deleted scenes, my two favorites were the 'Lost' and 'Community service'.

'Lost' is about Lightning trying to return to the interstate, only to end up in a graveyard filled with scrapped cars. McQueen constantly screams as he keeps ending up coming across eyeless, rusty cars that have been taken over by vines and trees.

While the scene is only left in a storyboard format, I can't help wondering how frightening the scene would be if it was fully animated. The close-up of the scrapped cars that are stuck by trees and hearing the hysteric scream of the rusted radiator grille at the end would've been a traumatizing sequence for both automobiles and the audience, especially when considering that a car looking at scrapped cars hung by trees and vines is equivalent to a person finding random hanging corpses.

'Community service', however, tops the horror factor with bizarre settings, fulsome screaming, and a dismal story. This scene is about Lightning McQueen's nightmare of becoming a steamroller to do community service of doing roadwork, while Mater 'borrows' McQueen's body and do a shenanigan before Mack comes to Radiator Springs and pick Mater up, leaving McQueen helplessly watch his career getting stolen.

Not only it feels bizarre to hear about the setting of having one's body changed by engine swaps, but I also couldn't help feeling sorry to hear McQueen scream like a protagonist in horror movies and video games and forlornly yell about his life to everyone in disbelief and mockery. The scene, while only being a dream, is enough to disturb the audience deeply, because getting mocked while desperately crying for help is not a pleasant experience for anyone.

After a such horrifying experience, I also wished these scenes to be included in the final cut of the film. While having horror elements doesn't suddenly make the film better and some audience may complain about the horror factor, I think Pixar could've made a multifarious film by these elements and make Cars more memorable even to 'non-car people' (though not by the reasons related to automobiles, I admit). Moreover, as Cars' merchandise sales exceeded $10 billion already in 2011, and that Cars 2 was a mix-up of John Wick and the Fast and the Furious (of the 2010s), I can't help myself but demand full animations of these deleted scenes.

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  • I think it would be cool to see these scenes, but not in the final version. Maybe an extended director's cut or a special edition

      1 month ago
    • 1 month ago
  • Man, I feel horrified everytime I go to a junkyard too ("that 4ac only had 400k miles! It has at least 100k more!" "Oh my god, a 626 Turbo, does that idiot even know what they scrapped?!" "I could've fixed this AW11 with some new gasoline and new spark plugs!!") So I can't even imagine the experience if I was actually a car 😂

      1 month ago
  • I think Pixar actually reused the graveyard scene for a small, spinoff Cars TV show that aired on one of the Disney channels. I remember watching it when I was a lot younger, and I recall it being something to do with rally racing? There were cars suspended from trees like the art shows, and the racers were pretty much constantly screaming. It traumatised me man...

      1 month ago
  • Cars PG 13

      1 month ago