The DeLorean Deception: When Northern Ireland Built Cars

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The DeLorean DMC-12 is arguably the most recognisable car of all time. People stop in their tracks when they see a DMC-12; they point fingers, they smile. The DeLorean is a car that even non-car people can gush about. The distinctive shape, gull wing doors, coupled with a starring role in the Back to the Future trilogy has ensured global fame. Not bad for a lacklustre sports car that was hastily built in West Belfast, by people who had no automotive manufacturing experience. The DMC-12 started out as the brainchild of one man – John DeLorean. A whirlwind career in the US automobile industry saw him turn round the fortunes of struggling Pontiac. Successive promotions saw him take the helm at Chevrolet, the biggest and most important marque in the General Motors (GM) stable. In 1973, at the zenith of his employment, he walked away from it all.

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