The designer of car models Hot Wheels has passed away

The designer of car models Hot Wheels has passed away

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If you are a collector of car models, such as the author of this story, then you certainly know about the company Mattel and a popular line of cars called Hot Wheels. In my collection, there are thousands of specimens of various sizes, from 87 times smaller than the actual size, all the way to those in a higher ratio. I've never loved Hot Wheels too much, but it's hard not to respect what Mattell has achieved.

When the first Hot Wheels debuted back in 1968, the world for the first time got an extremely high quality and detailed car manufacturer at a very affordable price.

The first designer of these models was a man named Eliot Handler, and most of them have recently been styled by Ryu Asada. Unfortunately, Mr. Asada is no longer with us since he passed away on March 23 at the age of 42 after a long battle with cancer.

Ryu was born in 1978 in Japan, and he showed interest in cars from a young age. He grew up near the famous Suzuka Circuit track, and arrived in the United States when he started attending college. It is a very reputable school called ArtCenter College of Design, which also graduated some of the biggest names in the industry such as Shiro Nakamura (Nissan), Luke Donkerwalk (Hyundai), Chip Fuss and Peter Brock.

After graduating, he worked briefly for Peugeot, and returned "across the pond" in 2004 when he got a job at Mattel. During his work in this American company, he styled every Hot Wheels that were on sale, and his special specialty was Honda models. In each of them one could see an improvement in details and quality, although the price on the domestic market always remained a symbolic 99 cents.

Many colleagues said goodbye to Asada,who say that, not only did the world lose a great designer, but this stylist was also a great man and a favorite in the industry.

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