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The Discovery that isn't a Land Rover

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Back in the 90s we all knew the Land Rover Discovery to be an excellent car when it came to everyday and offroad use, but at the end of the day it is still a British car. It is inevitably going to have its problems.

But this is when Honda came in... In 1993 to 1998 they came up with the Honda Crossroad which is essentially a Land Rover Discovery with the Japanese company's logo. But before you star having a go at Honda for stealing the design, hear me out.

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Honda bought the rights to use the body from the Series 1 Discovery and rebadged it and changed the name to 'Crossroad'. Honda tried it out in the Japanese SUV market for a short time before the partnership soon came to an end when BMW bought Land Rover. Some of them however, had been sold to New Zealand.

I have never been to New Zealand or Japan so I have never seen one but it is definitely on my list of cars to see.

When the partnership between Honda and Land Rover came to an end in 1998, Honda started to produce the famous CR-V which has proven to be a great success. So, in a way, the Crossroad was the predecessor to the CR-V. I guess Honda have Land Rover to thank for that success.

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Another interesting point to add is that the Crossroad was the first and only Honda to come with a factory fitted V8 engine. I think this is a really cool little detail which very few people have thought about.

However, it wasn't all fun and games. As the Crossroad was a rebadged Land Rover Discovery, it still had Land Rover reliability issues and that can only mean one thing... many many inevitable problems...

In 1997 ( a year before they stopped making them), a recall was issued by Honda on the advice of Ministry of Transportation due to a malfunction locking mechanism on the SUV's driver-side front door that could make the vehicle open while driving (oh, what a British problem!).

This resulted in around 4,750 vehicles being recalled. I bet this hurt Honda's reputation in Japan!

Had you ever heard of the Crossroad before?