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The Dodge Viper ACR has broken another track record!

Four years out of production and the Viper is still taking names!?

16w ago

Unlike the recent Voltswagen debacle, this is not a late April Fools joke (OK, VW's was an early one, but you get the point). While it might be hard to believe the fifth-generation Viper ACR could claim any more track records, that's exactly what one owner of a Viper ACR-E did back in March at Carolina Motorsports Park.

This particular owner has a history of driving his Vipers hard, so it's no surprise he would take his latest snake to the track and drive the wheels off it. That said, it is no easy feat to set a new production car lap record (even with one of the most capable track cars in the world). Being able to do so is a huge testament to this enthusiast's driving ability, and a testament to the incredible performance of the Gen 5 Dodge Viper ACR-E (as if the 13 track records weren't proof enough of that).

What lap time did he turn then, right? Well, the old lap record –held by Gerry Wood Dodge with their Viper ACR– was a 1:37.04. The new time? 1:35.6! Watching the video, it's evident that this owner was intent on clocking in a blisteringly fast time! It's such a good lap that it's almost like he was paid by Dodge themselves to remind everyone why the Viper ACR is the king of the road course.

Soldier on, brave racer, everyone could use a little more 10/10ths Viper action like this in their lives.

Note: In total, the Gen 5 Dodge Viper ACR amassed 15 tracks records (this story details the 14th one)! Astounding for just one car, even more astounding for a “lowly” Dodge and a “wayward” Viper.

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Comments (18)

  • The Viper is still a mighty car that can’t be replaced by a four cylinder

      3 months ago
  • Another reason to start production on a new Viper.

      3 months ago
  • I wonder, what will the newly improved Viper ACR do?

      3 months ago
  • I would be more surprised if it broke the production car lap record at the Nüringburg nordoschife

      3 months ago
    • Even as a huge Viper guy, I doubt the ACR could do that. Too much drag and not enough power to compensate. I do think it could go faster though. By how much? Who knows lol.

        3 months ago
    • Hmm if we can increase the power then we have a chance

        3 months ago
  • wow, i am surprised the viper hasn't been awarded the most dangerous car to drive award yet.

      3 months ago