The Dream Garage of Yours Truly

Watch me make bad decisions and subsequently get a lot of angry comments which I dismiss as incorrect even if they are in fact, correct. *smug face*๐Ÿ˜

This is it. The moment all none of you have been waiting for. At last, philosophers find answers to mysterious question, what is Shut Up And Let Me Speak's dream ten car garage. So sit back and enjoy me not knowing what I'm talking about. Oh and follow me please I feel like I've earned it.

1. Betsy the 2005 Kia Cerato GS:

There isn't much explaining to be done here, because that has all been done in my nostalgia car post. So go read that if you find yourself with far too much time on your hands. But yes, this car would be a must have on the list, on the grounds that I am yet to find a cuter looking little car anywhere in the world. Simple.

Tell me that doesn't look adorable.

Tell me that doesn't look adorable.

2. Rolls Royce Phantom:

A car that matches my love for myself with my love for it. The Phantom is without a doubt in the world, the single most luxurious car ever. I mean you know you're living the good life when you can open your door take out an umbrella from the side. And the roof alone has me sold. Supposedly the chauffeuriest chauffeur car, but I think I'd happily be driving this myself about 99% of the time. Come on how could you pass on sitting in the driver's seat of this:

yes. please.

yes. please.

3. Kia Stinger:

Right maybe slightly back down to earth here, well in comparison to the last at least. Being as calm, quiet and reserved as I am, this may come as a bit of shock, but the Stinger is in my opinion.....THE BEST CAR ON EARTH. I don't care if it has a v6, and I don't care if it can't do even 170mph, because the speed limit is a bit less than 170 in Ireland anyway. The Stinger performs brilliantly, is a Kia, and looks a-ston-ish-ing. And for 40k it's an absolute steal. And that is unbiased because it's not like a I'm much of a Kia fan anyway.

Oh what a beauty.

Oh what a beauty.

4. Jaguar E-Type

Could this be the best car of the 20th century? I would say yes. Daily driver, no. But sure would be a dream come true to take one to the country roads we all know and love. How could it not make the list, it truly is priceless (not strictly true it sells for millions everytime one pops up somewhere). A true design masterpiece, that much is clear. And despite being made in 1962, or 1 idrk, it can still run at a speedy 153mph, which is pretty incredible.

ooh la la if you're french.

ooh la la if you're french.

5. Lamborghini Sian Roadster:

Forgive me for preferring the Sian to a Miura ten times over but I do, because not only does it look a milion times better, it is cheaper, faster and better overall. Plus I'm not that much of an 'old car' guy, despite having just selected a 1960s Jaguar for my top ten dream car garage. Anyway, the Sian is amazing, another wall-poster worthy supercar from Lamborghini. I don't really think this requires much of an explanation. All that's left to say here is Ferrari sucks and Lamborghini are cool. Good. Moving on.

Lamborghini at their very best.

Lamborghini at their very best.

6. Land Rover Defender:

My garage will obviously require a good daily driver with all the necessities and a good character so that I can actually be happy with life. Naturally so, I was left with two choices. Dacia, or Land Rover, because let's be honest if I'm dailying a car its gonna be an SUV (a good one though). And because I love myself so much I chose the Defender. Let's gloss over the main reasons for this. 1. It looks amazing. 2. It performs amazing. 3. It's a Land Rover so it's amazing. All very scientific and official facts of course. Enjoy this lovely picture of it:

Mmm, yeah idk about going here in my Defender, but I promise I won't always stay on the road if I get a Defender.

Mmm, yeah idk about going here in my Defender, but I promise I won't always stay on the road if I get a Defender.

7. Aston Martin Vantage:

The most enticingly beautiful car that has ever come from the most enticingly beautiful car brand in my garage, yes I do think so. No, I cannot beat up ten henchmen with my fists, no I do not work for MI6 (as far as you lot are concerned at least), and no I do not spend my time running away from bad guys who want me dead (although that bit isn't too far from reality). But I still want an Aston, and this is my dream, so yeah I have one go me. I mean just look at this and tell me it is not the greatest looking car of all time, it's simply ASTON-ishing (haha funny well done me):

The name's Bond, Shut Up And Let Me Speak Bond

The name's Bond, Shut Up And Let Me Speak Bond

8. Kia Soul

No please hold off on booking your flight to Ireland to personally pull up outside my house and assassinate me, you can join the queue for that one. The Soul is widely regarded as a silly korean box car, and one that doesn't even make any cool noise at that. But wait, there is good reasoning for this. Firstly, I want to try be the middle ground between the environmental freaks and the big v8 engine smoking lovers. Basically a liason between Greta Thunberg and Jake Savoie. But more importantly, I adore the Soul. I really do, that design is just so cool. It has all the bits and bobs of a modern car that I want and need. It is brilliant, and it's a Kia. And I do quite like Kia I'll be honest. And between you and me I quite like the electric hum so I can happily live with that thank you very much.

A car that very appropriately matches my expression towards the people who dislike it. So very Kia.

A car that very appropriately matches my expression towards the people who dislike it. So very Kia.

9. McLaren 720s Spider

Remember I said the Aston was the best looking car I've ever seen (if you don't you have dimentia btw), well that and the 720s together are the best looking cars I've ever seen. It's design bewilders me with its magnificence. Britain did it right here, they really did. Others things worth knowing is that it's very fast and is a lot of fun, unsurprisingly. What else can be said.

10. Volvo S60:

I love saloons. I don't love wagons, much to the knowledge of Lukas Shepherd, sorry btw. And as an avid saloon-lover, I was bound to end up with the S60 on the list sooner or later. It really is smart car isn't it? No not literally Smart-Car, although I kind of like them too. I mean search the definition of smart and it will show you this car. Cuz it looks smart, oh nevermind. It is life of luxury from a swedish brand renowned for doing everything perfectly, what more could you want?

And so that concludes my top ten dream car garage list, tell me where I went wrong (I didn't but tell me anyway if you fancy) and what cars would be in yours? Thank you eternally for reading. Have a nice sweet apple for your troubles.๐Ÿ

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Comments (38)

  • Dude do you have a fetish for Kia?

      23 days ago
  • Mine is the -

    Lamborghini Miura


    560SEC Amg

    Sls Amg Black Series

    Lamborghini Huracan RWD Evo (manual swapped)

    Aston Martin DB11 AMR

    McLaren MSO X

    Mercedes E63 AMG

    Ram Rebel TRX

    And the Dodge Viper (SR1)

    Plus the Cerrato is small, so Betsy on the driveway.

      23 days ago
  • Nice list! Mine would be this:

    1. Ferrari 488 Pista

    2. Mclaren 675LT

    3. Mclaren 765LT

    4. Aston Martin DB11 AMR

    5. 2021 AMG E63S Wagon

    6. Porsche Panamera GTS Sport Turismo

    7. BETSY!

    8. Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge

    9. Kia Stinger GTS or K900

    10. TVR Griffith or TVR Chimaera

      23 days ago
  • Porche Cayenne Turbo S E Hybrid.

    Porche Panamera Sport tourismo.

    Land rover Defender 110.

    Ram 1500.

    Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Mercedes AMG S65L

    Mercedes AMG G63

    Finally the Mclaren 765lt.

      23 days ago
  • I just want a miata

      19 days ago