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The Drifthers Series: Louise

1y ago


This article will be a little bit different from the rest of them, as this is a bit of appreciation towards my best friend who has helped me advance more and more in drifting, whilst advancing herself, and just been an overall great person. Plus, it's her birthday, so I couldn't resist, and she wouldn't answer my questions.

Being in the world of drifting, it's great to have someone who is your best friend also into it and works with you to advance skillsets.

Lou is the proud owner of this beautiful BMW:

I do love this picture.

My favourite memories with Lou always involve drifting and the cars (mainly because they're the main bulk of our memories), whether it be one of our adventures out to Mexico, Norfolk track days or even just weekends spent washing and fixing one of the many issues of one of our cars.

One night sticks in my mind, where I got a little too brave and took my car up the kerb, writing off my subframe and limping the car to a friends on 3 wheels. Only when it's us two would we get out the car after the accident and just laugh. It's all part of the fun right? Along with the Tsum Tsum I gifted her flying out of her window, seeing her stop dead, and reverse all the way back just to collect it. The little things that make me smile that not everyone will understand.

Alongside Lou is her partner Marc, who is just an absolute diamond who encourages us both too, giving us pointers, and being an overall support for the build of the car. There's been so many times Lou and Marc have come round to spend the day helping me with my car, and stayed to finish it whilst I went to work. That's friendship right there.

Here's Marc taking Lou's car out for a spin.

The one thing I respect about Lou, is this BM is her first car, and she has loved and cherished it throughout ownership. Dailying a welder isn't always easy, let alone for your first car! Kitted out with bucket seats, a hydro and stripped down to the metal, it is a great example of a drift car.

I can't stress how much this girl has helped me improve myself, being patient with me, being generous with seat time when we're together, and always resulting in a great night. It's been a real pleasure watching her progress further and further.

It still tickles me watching Lou sit up against the steering wheel and hanging off the hydro on entry. Though we do make a great little pit stop crew when it comes to changing wheels and tyres, we've mastered this down to a T as a pair.

There was a point in our life where we had more pictures of our cars out on their many adventures than we did of ourselves, so not your stereotypical females!

Her car recently went under a heart transplant, after so long battling with a 2.0L it was time to have an upgrade to the car.

Engine conversion time.

Since the conversion though, the cars had to be put on hold, and is currently off the road. Life has to come first sometimes. Though it's still early doors of the year and we've already been to Autosport International, with so many events on the calendar, I'm sure this girl will be by my side! It's now time to get the BMW back on the road, and book some track days. Even if the Lexus is on road first, she knows she's always welcome to let loose with my car whilst we wait for hers to be back up and running.

It was only a couple of weeks ago I got woken up by my Mum letting her into my room to get me out of bed to fix my car. What kind of friend turns up at your house to fix your car? The best one.

Here's a picture of us on our way to Autosport just because:

Happy birthday!

Do you have anyone who has really helped you throughout your drifting 'career'?

Give them some appreciation!