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The Drifthers Series: Natalie Younger

1y ago


I managed to get in touch with a few girls who are into drifting to get involved in our series, where we get a chance to know the girls and meet them. It's great how supportive and helpful all the girls are within the car and drifting community, so I thought it was about time we gave them a louder voice.

Today's feature is with Natalie Younger, and I'm absolutely in love with her car!

I'm obsessed with PS13's and Natalie's is simply stunning.

How did you get into drifting?

I started off doing drift and car show photography- moving up to shoot trackside at BDC and various drift events, but eventually the temptation became too much, and I had to try it! I sold all my 'tog gear and bought a rusty Nissan and I've never looked back (except to laugh/cry at all the money I've spent)

Where did you learn?

At my local track-Teesside (with 2 S'!). I've always been very fond of the track offering two different layouts each with their own challenges. I've also spent some time up at Driftland which is another belter track!

What did you learn in?

I didn't so much learn as much as 360'd and gripped the track a lot. But my (badly chosen) weapon of choice was a big, ugly, beautiful NA 300zx called Awooga due to her obnoxious horn. I still miss her sorely- she was awful to drift but sounded the dogs danglers

Action shots are great.

What car do you currently have?

A blacktop SR20 Nissan PS13- named Snazzy

What advice would you give to others who want to get into drifting?

As easy as it is to pay others to do the work for you- start off with a fairly standard car and basic tools and learn to do what you can yourself. I didn't do this and I regret it, but I'm making moves to learn things this year so I can do my own work at the track when things go wrong. Also, don't learn in an NA 300zx.

What's your favourite thing about drifting?

The adrenaline rush, the media afterwards that gives you such a buzz of achievement, but mostly the friends and family you meet. I've never known a nicer, kinder, most wonderful bunch of people as some of those I met drifting

Do you find there are any limitations of being a female drifter?

I'm not fond of the term 'female drifter'- that itself feels like a limitation. We are all drifters regardless of gender, we all feel the same highs and lows it can bring, and we should never get ahead of the other because of it. There is a lot of drama around women AND men in drifting. But this exists everywhere. When we are on track there is no difference.

What a beauty.

If you want to keep up-to-date with Natalie's adventures, give her a follow on Instagram: www.instagram.com/awooooooooga