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The Drivetribe Community British Car Awards of the decade.

Voting Rounds Category 1: Hot Hatches

1y ago

Ground Rules - To be called a British car, the car in question must be one or more of the following: Built in Britain currently, Owned by a British Company or Businessperson

The Nominees are the following:

From 2019: The Mini Cooper JCW

Credit - Mini

Credit - Mini

This car may have an auto, but with a power boost from the latest engine to 306 bhp, it is becoming a serious car in the hot hatch world. The styling may have developed into something bug eyed and gawky, but it is still quite sharp and drives well.

From 2017: The Honda Civic Type R

Credit - Honda

Credit - Honda

This is a true hot hatch, RWD and lightweight. Scalpel sharp, and it has won many awards. A very worthy hot hatch.

From 2012: The Vauxhall Astra VXR

Credit - Autocar

Credit - Autocar

This car was quite a beast, and a very surprising car from Vauxhall. 280bhp, 0-60 in 5.9 sec, it was the RS3 in it's day.

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