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Voting Round Part 3: Supercars

1y ago

Ground Rules - To be called a British car, the car in question must be one or more of the following: Built in Britain currently, Owned by a British Company or Businessperson

The Nominees are the following:

From 2017 - The Mclaren 720S

This is a practical, fast, good-looking supercar. It is Britain's answer to the 488 Pista, and I'm going to be honest, I think it beats it.

From 2018 - The Aston Martin Valkyrie

A car that heralds a new direction for Aston, a car that pushes from the springboard the Vulcan laid down. Extremely light and striking to look it, a worthy contender.

The Mclaren P1

Credit - Mclaren

Credit - Mclaren

The British member of the Holy Trinity, and a many award winning car. Maybe the Senna should have taken it's place here, but it lacks the brutality of the P1.

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  • The Valkyrie is definitely my favorite but the P1's much more relevant for car of the decade.

      1 year ago