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The DriveTribe Creators Awards 2019 starts this Sunday

It's the time of the year where we look back and celebrate some of the best cars to come out in 2019

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Well, it's that time of the year where many automotive magazines and websites announce their cars of the year, and DriveTribe is no different.

After many months of planning, debate and occasional upsets, I and a handful of other DriveTribe creators are proud to present you the DriveTribe Creators Awards 2019.

These awards are split up into nine categories, seven of which will count towards the overall Car of the Year. The winners will be determined by a series of articles with an attached poll to figure out which car is the best from each category. The winner of each category will be a nominee for car of the year.

The categories are: Best SUV, best performance car, best EV, best family car, most surprising car, best value for money car, best luxury car, best race car and the most disappointing car. It is worth noting that the most disappointing car and best race car will not be counted towards car of the year as that would defeat the purpose of these awards, and that you can't drive a race car on the street.

That's right, you lucky members of the DriveTribe audience will have a say in what becomes the DriveTribe Creator's Car of the Year. This open platform allows for a somewhat unbiased car of the year which means anything could be the winner. Remember, vote for whatever you want!

From Sunday 8th December, we will start to announce each category, with the last appearing on your feeds on Monday 16th December. We will then gather up the results and announce our Car of the Year on Christmas Day.

So, if you want to vote every day, be sure to join Second Gear, turn on post notifications and vote!

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