The DriveTribe Promoters Best of the Week #28

It's time once again to drop a handbrake turn straight into this week's best!

18w ago

This week sure has been busier than ever with DriveTribe buzzing with life, and of course, anyone who posts has a chance to have their work in the spotlight.

For Kiran Ganesh, Marcus Milligan, and I this also means we do our best to make sure the best of the best get another chance to have their work seen. But wait, that's not all, the winners also get 50 tribecoins as a prize!

Kiran Ganesh

This is an original story from Brett and extremely well written. You surely must give it some love.

Going away from cars a bit, Madelyn's article is filled with stunning pictures and some great writing.

Marcus Milligan

This is a brilliant first post from John, it is well written and has great pictures. I’ll be looking out for more posts from John in the future.

Aaron is always writing fantastic articles and this is a perfect example of his work, you should all be following him so you don’t miss any of these awesome posts.

Natasha Cramer

While Joe is often known for his polls and memes, this week has taken a different turn with a wonderful article. We hope to see more from you in the future!

With such stunning and beautiful photography, Adam certainly without a doubt deserves his spot in this week's best.

That's all for this week! Give each of these wonderful writers around of applause for their hard work and stayed tuned for next week's at Kiran Ganesh's profile.

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