The DriveTribe Promoters Best of the Week #22

Sit down, relax, and drop a handbrake turn into this week's best!

1y ago

With DriveTribe being such a busy and stocked platform of unique articles or content, Kiran, Marcus, and I try our best to promote each post that goes live to have their chance in the spotlight. That way hardly anyone feels left out.

This is means that during each week everyone also has a chance to have their articles to be featured on this week's best for extra fame while getting 50 Tribe Coins as a prize!

Kiran Ganesh

I've been seeing Alen write such stuff for the past few years and he finds stuff to give out from so many different cars!

This is Rahil at his best. Everyone loves history pieces and this brings out his writing skills very well!

Marcus Milligan

Everyone loves a classic Alfa Romeo and they don’t get much more special than these three. Scott has written a great article about them and you should definitely check it out.

Here’s another incredible post, about an equally incredible car, from AutoNews Australia. I enjoyed reading it and think you will too.

Natasha Cramer

Even though Engine's articles does lack a little in words, it sure makes up for it with his stunning photography of such a beauty of a car!

While F1 isn't exactly my cup of tea, Colin's article on the legend known as Ayrton Senna was really a riveting read altogether and thoroughly well-written article that deserves its spot here.

And that's all for this week! Please give our winners a massive round of applause and stay tuned for next week's at Kiran's profile!

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