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Welcome to week 27

7w ago

We're back once again with our Sunday morning roundup featuring six of our favourite articles posted this week. It never gets any easier to choose just six posts out of the hundreds of possible options, but after a lot of reading here's who has won 50 TribeCoins this week.

Kiran Ganesh

Starting with a quirky title, Frank has done Oppo proud here. Keep them coming!

I just love this. Formula student is such an important thing to engineers and I related to most things there. Well done Harry!

Natasha Cramer

Full Thottle always writes great articles and I have wanted to featured one of his articles for a while, and this week's one has earned its place. Well done!

While lacking some writing, Alien Probe's article contains some beatiful photography. Awesome work!

Marcus Milligan

This is the perfect combination of great writing and excellent pictures, I'll be looking forward to seeing more posts like this.

If these brilliant posts keep coming we might have to rename this "The best of Oppo this week". You should definitely check out this great Saab story.

Thanks for reading and remember to head to Natasha's profile next Sunday for six new posts.

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