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4w ago

You might have noticed over the past few weeks that the best of the week posts have returned for 2021 with a few changes. The first change is that Rahil has joined the team to help choose the best articles from each week, and the second is that we're now selecting posts from one vertical each. So Kiran is covering F1, Bashbash is taking care of Hobbies, Rahil has Car Stories and I'll be doing Quizzes, with more verticals to be added in the future.

Rahil Hashmi - Car Stories

Throttle Girl’s storytelling skills are absolutely incredible which is part of the reason I selected this post.

The other part is the subject itself. I’m not too sure what makes it so interesting to me, maybe it’s because I’m currently studying history... but the point is, it’s a bloody good read. Well done Throttle Girl!

Kiran Ganesh - F1 Fans

I always make sure to scan every word of Coilin's articles, they are a joy to read as an F1 fan.

Bashbash Cramer - Hobbies

TJ Matchbox has always been one of my favorite authors when it comes to the more collective part of being a Petrolhead. His article, though short, was still a fun and awesome read.

Marcus Milligan - Quizzes

The best quizzes are always the most unexpected ones, and Nolan has perfectly combined cars with planes to make this fun personality quiz. For more plane content be sure to checkout Nolan's Plane Tribe.

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