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The Drivetribe Promoters' posts of the week #17

This has been one of the best weeks for content on DT!

38w ago

Sunday is here, and that means our choices for the top 6 posts of the week is here. Marcus, Natasha and I roam around everyday, promoting hundreds of posts - and we select two of our favourite over each week and give the creators 50 tribecoins each! Have a look at what we chose this time around...

Marcus Milligan

This is a brilliant, well written article with plenty of nice pictures and I certainly enjoyed reading it. Awesome work.

Aaron’s posts are always brilliant and this is another example of why you should all be following him. It’s the perfect post to pass the time while we wait for the new film.

Natasha Cramer

Jonathan Yarden is probably one of the best writers out there on the DriveTribe platform and his article on this little Alfa is no different. Well done mate!

I've read Kimba's articles before and they never disappoint. This one hasn't either with its fantastic writing and stunning photography. I look forward to reading more articles like this in the future!

Kiran Ganesh

This took the entire F1 community on Twitter by storm. Names like Karun Chandhok, Will Buxton and others appreciated Ellie and she definitely deserves it!

This is a unique article from Sam, and one that surely required a lot of research and effort. It did cause quite a lot of engagement in the comments as well, and that's what we love!

Thanks for reading, make sure you visit Marcus's profile for next week's post!

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