The DriveTribe team is just back from an epic week of filming in Scotland

3w ago


We've recently been on an epic adventure to Scotland with Ford, filming in the truly stunning scenery of the Scottish Highlands. Be it in monstrous glens where proud stags are in charge or around the beautifully calm waters of the massive lochs that appear behind every bend in the road, we all feel extremely lucky to have spent the week in the most breathtaking region of the British Isles. Stay tuned for the videos to come!

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  • If you put your hand up a Scott's man's skirt, feel his quarter pounders, you will know he is a MacDonald.

    I hope, above all else, this topic never mentions cars or driving.

    24 days ago
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  • Some strong kilt action there, lads

    24 days ago
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    • You'll be surprised how toasty they keep you, properly thick wool.

      24 days ago
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