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As Drivetribe keeps growing and changing it can sometimes be hard to keep up with what is going on. Head over to Drivetribers tribe for the latest updates happening and keep an eye out on the Drivetribers Chat Channel. Many people have been introducing the Ambassadors in many ways and this post is no different.

Below is a little introduction from Ben Koenig of the USA Ambassadors. You can find Ben on Drivetribers Chat Channel and you can also check out his following tribes: Kids in Karts, Kids in Motorsports and Radio Drivetribe.

Below the video are more links to the other Ambassadors' tribes.

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Pavel Vasilev also is a Classics Ambassador and runs these tribes: Daily Vintage Rides and RISI COMP TIFOSI

Omri Dayan is also a Classics Ambassador and runs two tribes: Motor Minds and Vintage Nuts

Joachim Rayos is the tribe leader of 3 tribes: The Beautiful Dashboard, Paddock Unplugged and Shoot Wide Open

Ryan Christensen is the tribe leader of Three In Seven - I won't spoil what that means... Ryan frequents Drivetribers Chat Channel so you may bump into him there.

Royce Rumsey is also Ambassador to Classics and runs numerous tribes. Here are a few to check out: Auto-Focused, O Lord Won't You Buy Me and Moto-Focus.

Note these may change in the future as things always do in life, but for now they are your #USA people, so reach out to them if you want.

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