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3 quizzes, 5 articles. Whose the lucky winners? 

7w ago

Once again, we're back with this week and it certainly was an interesting one, especially with articles and posts of all kinds popping up. It's made our job harder and much more fun to choose the best of the week. Let's see whose won, shall we? 

Kiran Ganesh 

I love these corner name quizzes. DT needs a Motorsport quiz very regularly and the users seem to enjoy it! Good job Jacob.

Isaac has perfectly structured and analysed the rise of McLaren in this article. Be sure to give it a read!

Marcus Milligan

The future of performance EVs is a very interesting topic and Kyle has written a great post on why we should all be more optimistic about the future. You should definitely give it a read and have a friendly discussion in the comments.

This is a really great post from Dan, it’s a interesting story and well worth your time to read it. Brilliant work.

Rahil Hashmi

River’s quizzes are always quite fun however this one might just be the best one he’s ever made... mainly because of how evil Clarkson looks in the thumbnail.

Kurt’s reviews are always amazing however I particularly enjoyed reading his NSX article as he did not just focus on the spec on the car. Kurt also spoke about the usability of the NSX and I must say, it was surprisingly interesting to read this part. Well done Kurt!

Natasha Cramer 

Lloyd sure has written a wonderful article, one that I enjoyed reading this week! Well done, man! 

Automotyv ‏‏‎posted a challenging and fun quiz, I really loved playing it. I'm certain a lot of others did to. Awesome work!

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