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Recently I took my driving theory test…and failed, then I took it again…and failed, then I took it again on Monday…and PASSED. Thank God. In my opinion the driving theory test is a lot of absolute shite. Now I may be slightly biased in that I failed 2 times, but don’t worry, I won’t let my failings cloud my judgement.

A standard driving test, tests your ability to drive, however some years ago a group of wimbles decided that driving was so unbelievably and incredibly hard that a theory test should be introduced to try and make drivers safer, but all I can take from the theory test, is that it makes drivers more angry, because instead of spending money on driving lessons you have to pay £4.99 for an app and then £23 on a theory test (an absolute and complete waste of hard earned money)

I’m still not sure if the theory test is a stupid test, or a joke. They questions are literally so easy it’s unbelievable. The first time I took the theory I got 50 out of 50 and the second time 48 out of 50. I’ll give you an example of a theory question…

“You miss your turn off on the motorway. Do you

a. Continue onto the next junction

b. Reverse along the hard shoulder back to the junction

c. Use your phone to find an alternative route

d. Phone a friend to help

How stupid is that. I’ll answer it for you. VERY

These are the sort of questions that you have to pay £23 to be tested on.

The 2nd part of the theory test is Hazard perception. The part I failed on. Twice.

For those who don’t know hazard perception is where you are shown a clip of someone driving along and you have to identify a developing hazard and click 5 times.


The idea is that it makes you more aware to hazards on the road. IT DOESN’T when I’m driving and I see a hazard I Brake not click on a computer mouse, or tap a phone screen.

It couldn’t be more unrealistic. The clips aren’t even real life. Their animated.

In my (ever so slightly biased) opinion the driving theory test is a great big waste of time and hard earned money. It is not worth the money to revise for it or take the test.

It doesn’t help you be more aware to hazards

It doesn’t help you in anyway

It’s a way of the DVLA testing if you’re thick as pig shit

What a load of utter Crap

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  • When I did my driving test I failed on the hazard perception part. I must agree the questions are easy.

      1 year ago