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The DT Awards 2017 - the winners are revealed

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3y ago

Office party? It's usually some tragic helium-filled balloons and a dreadful buffet of beige food. When DriveTribe was a year old we decided to have a competition instead, to celebrate the very best of the content you've been creating. So; a $10,000 prize fund and four categories - best photography, best spot, best video, and best article. The winner in each would pocket a tidy $2,500 to spend on camera kit/binoculars/edit software/pencils, $2,500 being a quarter of $10,000.

There were 'literally millions of entries', said Jeremy Clarkson - over a thousand, anyway - and myself, Clarkson, and Hammond got to work picking the winners. 'I've literally won everything,' said Clarkson, but he hadn't, because founder members of DriveTribe were not allowed to enter, and anyway, all of his posts are crap.

In the end, we settled on a winner in each category and a few runners-up as well, because the standards were so high. Clarkson still hadn't won anything, even theoretically. These runners-up will receive what is known as 'exclusive DriveTribe merchandise', also known as 'a T-shirt'.

The photography award goes to Michael White

Michael submitted this stunning picture of the Lola B12/80-Nissan prior to the start of last year's Le Mans. Not only is this a perfect representation of the calm before the storm, it was also an exercise in slipping between mechanics, tool boxes, and the hordes of appalling hoorays who populate the event in order to capture the car in isolation. Good work.

Second place for photography goes to Ryan Charsville

Ryan took this stunning picture of an Aventador in Knightsbridge, London. We particularly love the way the light draws attention to the sharp edges on the Lamborghini's aggressive design while simultaneously diminishing the dowdy, lumpen form of the doomed black cab and its trade-unionist operator.

Third place for photography goes to Jamey Price

We really liked Jamey's clever long-exposure cornering shot. It captures the essence of speeding cars without actually having any cars in it. Deep, and meaningful.

The winner of the video award is Arkady Fiedler

Arkady submitted his awesome video 'In Maluch Across Asia'. Maluch is the Polish name for the classic Fiat 126p which used to be produced in Poland. This epic film belongs in the world of National Geographic as much as it does on DriveTribe. It's great storytelling, with the car transporting us and Arkady across the stunning, diverse landscapes of Asia and into the fascinating people he meets along the way, though not literally.

Second place for video goes to Elias Ressegatti

We especially liked the filmic techniques used in this piece, along with the bold smoking punctuation and creative use of interesting trousers.

Third place for video goes to Toofast Max

We are big fans of 'Baby Driver' at DriveTribe and we really liked the way Max took his cues from the film to show off his great talent.

The winner of the spotting award is Mislav Trusic

We loved this spot from Mislav. Not only has he bagged one of our favourite Maranello icons, the Ferrari 599, but has managed to produce a great composition.

Second place for best spot goes to Tom Theobald

Tom's spot highlights the essence of Monaco during Top Marques.

Third place for best spot goes to Liam Mccabe

Seeing one LaFerrari is rare but spotting three is unheard of.

The winner of best article is Martyn Stanley

Martyn decided to review a car built by Jeremy Clarkson, which is the only way Clarkson would make it into these awards. This is proper, incisive, on-the-nail car reviewing and, in fact, far more accurate than the original televised effort.

Second place for the best article goes to Dylan Smit

This is an in-depth, well written article all about the birth of an F1 team and an iconic car; the one in which Michael Schumacher began his F1 career.

Third place for best article goes to Clemsie Mckensie

There have been many tiresome debates about how to make Formula 1 more interesting. Doing it in Lego turns out to be the simple answer. This is proper content.

A big thank-you

Actually, it's the same size as the rest of the text, but massive in its intent and sincerity. The standard of entries was gratifyingly high, and we're sorry if you didn't win, but that's in the nature of life. Only a few people win. It's why capitalism works.

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Comments (149)

  • I sense that some areas of this discussion are becoming a bit heated. Can I just say that the competition was a bit of puff to celebrate DriveTribe’s first birthday, nothing more sinister than that. What we should remember is that DriveTribe, though not perfect by any means, is a gratifyingly massive success for exposing people’s content and opinions to as big an audience as possible. I turn on my iPad in bed every morning when I wake up, and I look at Drivetribe, and I am still overwhelmed by the sheer volume of interesting stuff I find. I cannot look at all of it, there’s so much. It’s amazing. And pretty much all of it is material that would have been lost in the ancient print journalism/scheduled TV era that produced me and my colleagues. It would probably have been lost to most web-based publishing platforms prior to DriveTribe. Yet here it is, and it’s fantastic, and it’s there for anyone who wants it, no matter how obscure or esoteric it is.

    I think DriveTribe may be a model for world peace and reconciliation, or something like that. I think it may be the most remarkable thing I’ve ever been involved with. We have a few winners of our anniversary competition, yes, and I’ve made a fatuous gag about capitalism. But the thing to remember about DriveTribe is that, in truth, nobody loses. That’s why I think it’s great.

    I’m now returning to the pub. End of communication.

      3 years ago
  • Everybody who entered into the competition is a winner in my book - some outstanding entries. Thanks to all of you for making this such a friendly, engaging place to hang out!

      3 years ago
  • I may not have worded things the best way, and in order to clarify my meaning, please see my note at the end of this comment.

    Honestly, I'm not surprised at all, but I am saddened. No disrespect intended to the winners, or you Mr. May, but I haven't heard of a single one of these people. (But I supspect many of them may be fairly big names off of DT.) They haven't been here for a year or more, like many of us. Nor have they poured their blood, sweat, and tears into this place. My frustration level with DT is so incredibly high right now because I love this place, but it's unbelievably disheartening at the moment. The big guys keep getting bigger, and the rest of us get left farther and farther behind. The ambassadors program, while it had good intentions, is not working. It was supposed to be made up of DT's best and brightest, yet some of the ambassadors were not even DT members prior to be appointed. The same few people keep making it to the front page, mostly the ambassadors, their friends, and the big names that DT seems so intent on promoting. I've met so many great people here, made so many friends, and I used to have a blast. I was on here for hours each day. But most of those people have gone now, for the exact reasons I'm talking about. I want this place to be great again, but at this rate, I fear the DT I loved is slowly circling the drain.

    I ask that DT please start paying more attention to the little guys. Those of us who aren't professional journalists, photographers, or stars from the motoring industry. Those of us that are DT's actual USERS, and care about this place. The last project I was involved in brought together 12 leaders from 8 different countries. Hundreds of hours were put into it, and the feedback received was excellent. Yet it was completely ignored by DT. I'm sure others can tell similar stories, of great things that have received zero recognition or appreciation. There's many of us that are at the end of our rope, and are ready to leave in droves if things continue down their current path, including myself. I don't want that to happen, but you can't expect people who feel so under-appreciated to stick around forever. So please, Mr. May, DT leaders, or whoever else may be reading, let's work together to bring back the place so many of us loved.

    Edited to add: I never mean to offend any of the winners or ambassadors. I had to be at work, and didn't have time to research who all the winners are. I'm just saying that I, personally, have not heard of these people. I didn't mean that ambassadors are evil or corrupt, but I believe it's impossible for anyone to be completely unbiased. Ambassadors will be more likely to promote content from pages they frequent, from their friends, or their own content. It's just the nature of how the human brain works. But so many here are frustrated that it seems like they're not even being given a chance. They don't want or need to win a contest, and likely don't deserve to. But they would like to have their content be able to be found. It currently seems like if it wasn't promoted by an ambassador and isn't on the front page, it has virtually no chance of being found. Many small and medium sized tribe leaders have reported drastic drop-offs in views over the last couple months. If things keep up this way, many will lose the passion they have for this place, and it will be the same as every other motoring website out there. That's what I want to prevent. I'm not seeking fame or fortune for myself, or anyone else here, just trying to maintain the community atmosphere. I hope this clarifies things a bit.

      3 years ago
    • Pay attention to this voice, Tom, your not really commenting on what Brandy typed. Merely answering to something you are talking ng personally. Regardless of the results, fact is, the second part indeed rings true with many. As...

      Read more
        3 years ago
    • Thank you for the clarification, Tom. I am very familiar with how the ambassador’s program works. I was selected as an ambassador for two categories in the first round of selections. But due to a combination of personal factors and what I...

      Read more
        3 years ago
  • The quality of the stuff posted on Drivetribe everyday is truly unbelievable! I'm not quite sure how I made it into that list, but I'm very grateful for it, and honored. Can't wait to see what everyone posts in 2018!

      3 years ago
  • I'm glad for the winners. There are a lot of disappointed people of course. I think we're all winners on DT in different ways. My only regret is there's not a girl amongst the winners whereas some of them work hard publishing articles, pictures, spots and videos.

      3 years ago