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The E30 BMW M3, one of the all time greats!

You may or may not know that I’m firmly in the Mercedes AMG camp. My comments and posts would demonstrate that if you catch my drift.

I however love this M3 and would jump at the chance to own one if the opportunity arose.

The M3’s rival in its day was the Cosworth engined 190E 2.5-16 and I wanted one of them too. Ideally I’d have both however the BMW marginally pips the Mercedes if I could only have one.

There have been very few BMW M cars that I’d have picked over their equivalent AMG’s as the Mercedes AMG models especially with the 4.0 V8’s are truly brilliant. The V8 defines their characters and better for it.

Let’s hope that forthcoming legalisation does not kill these types of cars as that would truly be a loss for the petrol head!

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