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Fans of Sam Eagle are in raptures this week, as news that the Muppet Show stalwart, 78, is set for an unprecedented return to Formula One next season. Williams announced the announcement after frantically trying to find someone better than both Sergey Sirotkin and Lance Stroll to drive its number one car in 2019. Given that the Russian’s funds seem to have dried up and Stroll is being surgically installed over at Force India by new team head honcho, Stroll Snr, it was inevitable that either Kubica, 93 or Nigella Mansell would get the nod in the Williams choice seat. Although not anyone’s actual first choice of seat, obvs.

Other names thrown into the ring/hat included David Hasselhoff, the drummer from Noughties boyband, McFly and Old Tom Cobley. The latter of whom was eventually ruled out after considered too inexperienced, compared to Robertiks Cubica.

'The last time Kubica was involved in an F1 GP was 2008, a time both pre-Internet and Kardashian.'

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The last time Kubica was involved in an F1 GP was 2008, a time both pre-Internet and Kardashian, and around about the same time he suffered a horrific accident while rallying. Which curtailed his (at that juncture) hugely promising Formula One career and might well have been the last we ever saw of the Pole. However a mix of dogged determination, self belief, hard work and hanging around the Williams’ pits this last season, has meant Kubica ultimately received the green light to climb back into a competitive F1 car. Or rather, a Williams.

Nobody’s in any doubt that the plucky Pole thoroughly deserves his second coming behind the wheel of an F1 car, even if it is a Williams. And the good thing is, the technology he now finds himself surrounded by in his new ride will be very similar to the last ‘competitive’ Formula One car he drove more than a decade ago, due to the unique way Williams has failed to move with the times.

As to where Robertiks can hope to come on the grid next season, we’re sure he’ll measure his successes in comparison to fellow old boys club member (and rally fan), Kimi in his Fer…sorry, Sauber. Unless doddery Jackie Stewart completes a sensational U-turn on his ‘recent’ retirement announcement, and agrees to sign on the dotted line with Haas as wildly (not) expected.


Regardless of the humorous tone of voice I wrote this blog in, I want it to go on record that I obviously respect Kubica hugely, and that his journey back to the pinnacle of motorsport has been nothing short of both miraculous and inspirational . But there’s no denying that he looks like Sam Eagle.

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