The easily forgotten cars I love.

Possibly because they aren't anything exceptional, but I think these are some real cool cars.

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I do like a good car, it has to be said. But coming from Ireland, you learn a lot about finding the hidden gems in life (wow so nationalistic ik). And so today we (and by we I mean me) are looking at some rather underrated cars that have earned a soft spot in my heart. Enjoy, please.

Suzuki Ignis:

Oh what I wouldn't do for an Ignis. This car single handedly started my Suzuki love affair that I have only just discovered about two minutes ago when I was reminded of this picture's existence. What a bloody good job they've done makng this car. It's so wrong really, like a grumpy old man hunched over with a bad back. But it is just the most lovable looking little thing. And besides that it hasn't half bad either. Now you will have to take some time to try and get over this extremely aesthetically challenging photo:

It's probably the first thing that catches your eye, how could anything look so out of place😨

It's probably the first thing that catches your eye, how could anything look so out of place😨

Volkswagen Arteon:

It was in Northern Ireland that I met a man with a new Arteon R Line, and he honestly couldn't sing its praises enough. And I now understand why. When looking for a new car it is always very wise to consider and compare the competition. But today one of the big problems with car enthusiasts (or so I've seen on Drivetribe) is that the latest way of judgement is that if it's not the best it's the worst. People suddenly don't like a car if there is something better, but what if it's just a very good car with a better alternative. That doesn't make it crap, and it bothers me that so many look at it that way almost sub-consciously. Anyway forget that the Arteon looks awesome, is fast and did I say that it looks awesome? Because it does looks awesome.

Kia Ceed:

Yes you have forgotten about the Ceed. So have I admittedly, and that's why when I am reminded of its existence I like it so much. It's really high up in the top competition for modern hatchbacks. Now it loses by a mile mind you, but it made it there at least. However, if you are a Kia fanboy like one's self then you will be wise enough to know that Kia's design with the Ceed is the best in it's class if nothing else, and that's where it takes the top spot. And as for everything else, it's all in ship shape as it should be. You have great reason to love this car, it is a highly respectable piece of work.

Smart EQ Fortwo and the Forfour for that matter (thats a lot of fors and fours):

You know, it takes a spotting to remember these old fellas. But since you last saw the ugly yolk, they have evolved and are no longer ugly. In fact they're really cool now. Would I have one, yes. If I remembered to buy it. Otherwise yes, it's great!

Honda CR-V

QUICK THINK OF AN SUV! It won't be the CR-V unless you own one or because there's one sitting right above this sentence. But it remains one of my favourites. Because this one is unique, is bold, and is all the better for it. It's a very well designed car. Apparently the material quality isn't great but does anyone buy it for that. That's fine by me. Overall I like it and I would not blush if it sat outside the school gates waiting for me at the end of the day (and not only because I walk home).

So whattaya think? Your unmemorable car love affair? Share it in the comments (this should be interesting). Thank you as always for reading, the next follower goal is 200, which still doesn't seem right to be saying😅.

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