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V​ote, Vote, Vote!

17w ago

L​ast night, I made a post entitled: ”Vote, Vote Vote”, where I pleaded you to vote in the election which has now been up for about 12 hours. My message is clear and simple here, we still have 36 hours of the election left and if you haven’t already voted, please vote. If you have, repost this or just even tell people. I want to say something about voting, it is your duty and responsibility, so vote for who you believe will win at the bottom.

T​elling people to vote is the best way of getting them to do so. If they can’t find this post, repost it or leave a link to the polls because this is very important. In fact, I’ll leave a link to the post at the bottom of the page. So if you haven’t voted, go there. Here’s just a reminder of the candidates:

J​eremy Clarkson and Tim Rodie

J​ames May and John Coleman

R​ichard Hammond and Marcus Milligan

V​ote here:


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