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The electric Ford F-150 already gives us a first surprise!

A surprise common to many electric cars

1y ago

Ford can't wait to get into the electric pickup battle. And its best-selling pick-up truck, the F-150, will lead the way with many surprises in store. Last summer, the American brand made a demonstration by showing what the electric F-150 is capable of, namely towing a freight train!

This is reassuring in terms of the vehicle's traction capabilities. But the electric F-150 still holds many secrets. For example, what about the empty space under the enormous hood, now devoid of an engine? Ford had the traditional solution of placing an extra trunk in the front, a frunk!

This detail can be clearly seen from the few design drawings of the vehicle. These images, published by Ford at the U.S. Patent Office, have just been made public. The frunk opening, however, is specific. Instead of raising the hood, you have to open the removable grille to access the front trunk.

This choice is justifiable since the F-150 has a very high hood. A traditional opening would have been inconvenient for loading with a sill that was too high. Inside, there are two well-illuminated compartments. And the access mechanism is ingenious. Simply pull out the boxes to access the front box. For the rear box, the front box is simply swung out.

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  • Boxy. Maybe drug smugglers will use it secret storage

      1 year ago