The electric Mercedes G-Class is coming

Introducing the EQG

Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius once said the G-Wagen will never die and if ”we could only make one vehicle, then it’d have to be the G-Class”. He also made it clear that an electric version would eventually arrive. Well, it has. It’s called the EQG.

The new electric Geländewagen will debut at the upcoming IIA in Munich but it is only scheduled to go into production in 2024, giving us a little more time to adjust to the idea.

Visually, it looks very similar to the any other G-Class apart from the EQ-specific grille, the upgraded headlamps and taillights, and the new wallbox-shaped utility box at the rear, which replaces the spare tyre cover.

It features an independent suspension system and four electric motors - one for each wheel - and like all G-Class models, it will be developed and tested on the Schöckl, near Graz, Austria, where the G-Wagens are built.

Would you get an EQG over a standard G-Class?

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Comments (21)

  • The world's worst renowned Twatmobile has now been expanded to cater for the new, highly competitive EcoTwat segment. This segment, previously dominated by the Tesla Model X, has been growing fast over the last few years as society has given EVs increased social smugness points. It remains to be seen however if the G-Wagen will continue to cater to its current loyal customer base of human rights abusing dictators, regular dictators, drug dealers, fake drug dealers, rappers, and those who try too hard to look like rappers, as many of them find a V8 powered box on wheels that can't handle mud appealing for their Surrey school run and might consider it to be dangerously close to being un-unnecessary*

    *This Comment contains a sense of humour, you have been warned

      15 days ago
  • The car used to look pretty good before but now it looks like the eqs bonded with g wagon to create this unusual mess

      15 days ago
  • Yes the crapmobile of the G Wagon

      15 days ago
  • Did they just put the S-class rims on it ¿

      15 days ago
  • Ha! EcoTwat. Hilarious.

      15 days ago