The electric (r)evolution

I stood by the grocery store in the middle of Los Angeles. The weather was absolutely perfect. Not a cloud in sight and no wind to speak of. A good day at the beach was at hand. But when I inhaled the air, I coughed. The air had a metallic and acidic taste to it. When I looked up from my phone, I could barely see the end of the road because of the brown-ish haze. It was almost like fog, but brown and if you inhaled it, it irritated your throat so much you almost got tears in your eyes. On my way back to San Diego I noticed why it was like this. Endless traffic jams with thousands and ever thousands of cars that filled up the 8-lane highways. During my solo flight later that day over LA, I actually had to turn around because the visibility was so low because of the smog. I would have been forced to fly only on instruments.

It was at this moment I realized that something has to be done with fossil fuel-driven cars, and planes in the near future for that matter. Just to make sure that everyone understands, I’m a huge petrol head and the day the gas stations empty their last tanks I would probably cry. Right now there is a lot of talk about the greenhouse effect that turns northern Sweden to the Sahara desert and water levels rising so they probably will put the Netherlands underwater. If that is true or not, is not a debate I will discuss here. Something more alarming that we all can feel and see right now is the state of the air we breathe.

The future of motoring?

This is why I have come to the conclusion that electric vehicles are part of the future. If we could change all the vehicles on the road to electric vehicles the air we breathe would be a lot nicer. So what about the crazy sports cars that spits fire and violently destroys the ozone layer you say? If all supercars suddenly disappeared, the difference would not be felt, it would most probably not even be possible to measure the difference at all. The enthusiasts cars will always be here you can count on that. However, as a day to day car, an electric car is absolutely ideal. It’s quiet, easy to drive, cheap to own and extraordinarily low maintenance.

“But the sound of a 1000hp twin turbo v12 then?”

I don’t really need an epic sound on my car in which I go to work with. It’s actually really nice to have a quiet ride once in a while and that is something that I think all people could appreciate.

“But the range is terrible and I absolutely cannot stop for 30mins to charge every 300km. I have to go 1400kms at least before I stop.”

This is a usual way to discard electric vehicles. Today there are electric cars that could go between 90-450kms on one charge. If you live in or around the city and don’t drive more than 50km a day. Do you really need a huge suv to go around? A small electric car like the BMW I3 or VW E-up is superb choices. The price on the cars that has longer range sure is a lot, but If your one reason not to buy it is that you absolutely can’t stop every 2-3 hours to take a 20-30 minute break to recharge for free, then you have bigger problems than saving time. It will make you feel rested and fresh. The evolution of the electric car is in its teens, but it will soon arrive in full force from all car makers. The ones that stays in the fossil-fuel buisness will not stay aloft for long. That’s also something I have wondered. Why is it that so many people are afraid of the electric car? Is it because of the new technology? Is it because of there is a risk of something changing? To change for the sake of the air we breathe? I’m ready to change.

For me, the perfect garage is an electric car, preferably the Tesla Model S for day-to-day use and my future flame-spitting Porsche 917K replica on the side for fun days. I really welcome this electric (r)evolution. Maybe I’m just getting old. I really believe that if we all just want to help, the world would be a better place. Hell, I can go as far as saying that the electric cars will save the entusiasts cars.

The Tesla Model S. A perfect example that Electric vehicles actually work.

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