The electric "revolution" will probably not be the one you'd have expected.

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1) There is a will from government and industrials, working hand in hand, to electrify the "mobility", as they call it now in a pure genuine novlang style. So they deal with "mobility of the Future" every time they have to waste your time and brain disponibilty. They steal your money too (a bad habit from governements for 10000 years).

2) Beside it, you have a limited potential of electric production capacity. That's true for nuclear plants as for other electricity sources, "renewable" or not.

3) For decades, some people in western world have worked to make your world a real paradise where private property would be prohibited. While the collapse of communist block should have demonstrated the pointlessness of this de-facto murderous idea, the dragon is still well alive, colluding with its arch-ennemy, the Capital, to achieve a universe-old fantasy: total hegemony. Make no mistake, the big boss here is money and power, as ever, not ideology....but they know how to use the word "revolution".

4) To completetely enforce the thing, they've got to erase your freedom....your true freedom, inside your mind. So you are guilty of the next apocalypse because your petrol based sins will lead you and future generations straight in hell. CO2 is a poison. Little bastard, that's your fault if the planet is dying. Well....that's the basic of trotskyst propaganda: ashame and make your target feel guilty, using the worst lies, playing on the fact you don't really took care of science, real one this time.

5) The individuality being under attack, private life as private property being in the hunt, so is the individual vehicle. You have to take mass transport in overcrowded city where you gonna soon breathe a pure fresh air. At least, your jail is eco-friendly.

6) So you think cars will be replaced with electric vehicles: not only there is no possibility to achieve that on a technical point of view but there is no plan to provide you such a thing. You gonna have to abid the autonomous, eco-friendly, mass transport or uber-like dildo-shaped 7 wheels IA powered things.

7) Cars as you were used to know is now dead. Condoleances....but welcome to the Future. Happy Mobility.....

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  • If only people weren’t as ignorant... maybe this problem wouldn’t have come back around

    20 days ago
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