The electric Rolls-Royce that saves the planet and damages your wallet

It looks tremendous but it is also tremendously expensive

Much like every other car manufacturer or the planet, Rolls-Royce has made it clear that at some point in the future they're only going to be selling electric cars. Yes, it's a brave new world and we gotta live with it but the good news (or bad news, depending who you ask) is that's not going to happen today or tomorrow because they said that they'll launch their first EV “when the time is right”.

In the meantime, there's a growing appetite for electric classic car conversions and obviously somebody has already thought about electrifying an old Roller. Car people love to hate these vehicles but they're selling like hot cakes and Lunaz, one of the go-to names in the electro-mod (electric+restomod) industry, is already selling electric versions of two iconic Rolls-Royce models: the Phantom V and the Silver Cloud. The big Rollers join a long list of classic electric cars in the Lunaz collection.

Lunaz plans 30 units in total but this is probably going to change depending on a lot of different factors including of course demand. The 1961 Phantom V was taken apart bit by bit and rebuilt from the ground up with Lunaz's proprietary electric powertrain and a comprehensive software upgrade. The plan is to build electric variants for the Silver Cloud, the 4-door limo, the 2-door coupe and even a drophead version.

The Silver Cloud I, II and III models are powered by a Lunaz 80 kWh battery pack with a range of 300+ miles whereas the Phantom V is powered by a 120 kWh battery pack to compensate for the extra weight, the range is roughly the same. Each model is AC and DC compatible, which means it's equipped for both home charging and fast charging.

The interior can be customized at will and Lunaz can also equip the Roller with fully-integrated infotainment screens and a sat-nav, screens integrated behind the privacy glass, modern climate control and so and so forth. The first Phantom V, for example, is fitted with a tailor made compartment specifically designed to accommodate the owner's favourite brand of tequila.

Obviously, a lot of people are going to have an opinion on this because while it is true that these modifications breathe new life into cars that are very expensive and difficult to run and keep in shape, at the same time I guess there's some sort of ethical conundrum involved. Whatever, these cars are so supremely expensive that they're only going to be acquired by people who don't really have to make that choice and can probably afford both an electric Phantom V and a 'standard' Phantom V. The Lunaz Silver Cloud starts at £350,000* before taxes and the Phantom starts at £500,000*. There you go, problem solved.

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Comments (13)

  • Wow - That is truly amazing. Great Article (As Always)

      15 days ago
  • I WANT ONE!!!

      15 days ago
    • So do I, and the good news is those who can afford to buy this for half a mill won't have to make the choice and can also afford an actual RR with a petrol engine

        15 days ago
    • Interesting...

        15 days ago
  • The “Planet” has been around for BILLIONS of years. The “planet” is not under attack from humans. Unless of course you consider Marxism

      13 days ago
  • I think this car just single-handedly destroyed people's comments that an electric engine does not belong in a classic car

      13 days ago
  • if i had the money, i would gladly offer any amount of it , just for the feeling of royalty that must come with such a marvellous machine

      7 days ago