The Electrifying Future ahead

The Future will affect the Past

2y ago

The truth is bitter, but then it is the truth. The electric era is not coming anymore, it is here. Every carmaker has at least one hybrid or electric car in their lineup.

My worry is that this electrification might hit the old-is-gold-never-too-old classic cars.

Soon the Government of nearly every country will force citizens to either discard their classic cars or convert their classic possession into an electric humming bee.

Would you like to convert your beloved young-timer into an EV?

Would you like to convert your beloved young-timer into an EV?

Changing the engine of a classic car is like taking its soul out of it. Can you imagine a Lamborghini Countach not having its state-of-the-art V12 and humming down the streets like a Tesla Model X?

Can you imagine a Jaguar E-Type also like this?

Well you don't have to, because Jaguar has rolled out an electric F-Type. You heard that right. The car will be manufactured by Jaguar and called the E-Type Zero.

If it all goes like this, then the day will not be far when our ears would crave to hear the sound of our loved V8s, V10s and V12s.

At least, there should be souvenirs and stories to be shown and told to the future plugheads of this glorious era.


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