- Ben takes the wheel of the Elemental RP1

The Elemental RP1 is a Hypercar Beating Weapon!

It has the power to weight ratio similar to that of a Bugatti Veyron

4y ago

BenzeneBen goes up to Silverstone for a full experience with the mind bending Elemental RP1, an absolutely weapon for the track! With 330hp and weighing in at 600kg it has the same power to weight as a Bugatti Veyron, so naturally it's quite a handful but I think we could say that Ben enjoys it! Is it the ultimate track toy?

Ben previously joined Joe Achilles to drive the RP1 back from Le Mans in the summer, but now it's time to shoot a video of the experience and a detailed walkaround to show you this incredible machine. Built entirely for purpose with lightweight materials and aero at play, it's not fooling around!

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