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The end of WSOTW

It’s run its course. Now it’s time to end

6d ago

I started the Worst Spots Of The Week posts quite a while ago, and if you’ve been active on Drivetribe, you probably know what it is. If you don’t know, WSOTW is a parody post of David Spence’s Best Spots Of The Week, but with crummy cars instead of nice ones. It was fun seeing what horrible cars people saw during their week, and reading the jokes made on them in the comments. But sadly, all good things must eventually come to their end.

While it was quite a good post at first, I‘ve found that it’s slowly becoming more and more stale, and less and less fun to make. It ultimately became a chore for me, like “ugh I need to do WSOTW”. I realized that the only reason I was still writing it was for the weekly homepage promo. I started getting pretty busy, and as a result many posts were late, or weren’t made at all.

WSOTW likely isn’t gone for good though, maybe some time in the future I will revive it. But for now, it is dead. RIP WSOTW, you had a good run.

Also sorry for the lack of info until now. Also I wrote this on my phone so it’s probably bad.

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Comments (16)

  • 😔 A moment of silence for WSOTW

      6 days ago
  • Was quite fun while it lasted

      6 days ago
  • Aww I liked it 😔

      6 days ago
  • The No.1 saddest anime death of all time ever.

      6 days ago
  • Sorry to hear that. But it’s always best to do what is best for you and others and if WSOTW was becoming a forced thing then that’s not healthy for you. While I am sad I’m also glad you’ve done what’s best for you. 🥲

      6 days ago