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4y ago

Yesterday was a striking loss for the world of Engine development for both the Motorsport world and BMW. Paul Rosche passed away at the age of 82 years young.

His mark on the world of F1, Motorsport and BMW specifically M division are absolutely amazing. Mr. Rosche is considered the "father" of the turbo engine in F1, primarily due to the great success Nelson Piquet had in his Brabham BMW in 1983. He took the World Championship.

Rosche is part of an exclusive club of genius engine builders, which includes the likes of Bernard Dudot (Renault), Hans Metzger (Porsche) Mario Ilien and Paul Morgan (Ilmor) as well as Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth (Cosworth).


It is absolutely stunning to read his career development at BMW, where he started working right after college at the age of 23 (November 1957). I see a great resemblance in myself, as an engineer with a very similar career path, and it is motivational to strive for that big move I have always wanted to make into Motorsport.

Among engine designers there almost an emblematic saying, the stamp of excellence, when it comes to appraisal of work - "Paul will like it too."

Mr. Rosche held the post of Technical Director 1979 to 1966. Those are probably the most notable years of BMW, and it is fame among enthusiasts. Because of his ideas and vision we are capable today to enjoy cars such as BMW M3, or the super sedans like my very own BMW M5.

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