The EQS is here, would you take one over an S-Class?

My answer is "not yet"

The all-new Mercedes EQS is basically the electric equivalent of the S-Class. It has the same proportions even though it adheres to a different design language, and it's aimed at exactly the same type of (high-spending) customer. Mercedes claim this is the "world's first luxury electric car", which might be true but really depends on your own definition of 'luxury. It is also the most aerodynamically efficient car in the world, with a Cx of 0.20.

The interior certainly looks luxurious, in traditional Mercedes fashion, and the manufacturer has really gone the extra mile for the cabin because they've developed a gargantuan 56-inch (1.41 m) wide curved display that actually incorporates three separate screens integrated into one another: a 12.3-inch instrument display, a 17.7-inch OLED central display and a 12.3-inch OLED front passenger display.

As for the 'engine', you can now opt for the 450+ and the 580. Obviously these nameplates don't really mean much anymore as the 450+ makes 245 kW (328 hp) while the 580 4Matic delivers 516 hp. The range-topping model is powered by a 108 kWh battery pack, good enough for a 478-mile range (WLTP).

Pricing for the new Mercedes EQS starts from around £80,000, which makes it marginally more expensive than a standard S-Class.

Engine-wise, I'm still 100% convinced the biggest problem with EVs is that they're silent but that, in a luxury car, is probably not an issue. If you're well-off - and let's face it you probably are if you can afford a new S-Class / EQS - it all boils down to what you really want.

If you can afford a top-of-the-line AMG S-Class or maybe even the Maybach model, you probably won't buy this. And the EQS looks drastically different, in my opinion, especially at the rear.

The big question is, would you buy this over an S-Class?

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Comments (38)

  • It’s well accomplished car, and has the battery technology to work, luxurious enough inside, and works functionally as a luxury vehicle, but no. I don’t like the way it looks, and I’d much rather an S Class.

      1 month ago
  • Citroen did it first...

      1 month ago
  • S class, since the eqs looks like an a class

      1 month ago
    • yeah I don't like the rear end at all. I mean it looks alright from the rear, but the three-quarter and side view aren't great

        1 month ago
  • Looks more like an E class hatch! 😕

      1 month ago
    • This is the first thing I noticed as well, beautiful car until you walk to the back. Reminds me of the 1 series BMWs where I just sort of shook my head. Everything else about it is simply beautiful though.

        1 month ago
  • Look, the S Class is fugly, but this is horrific. It'd probably be a better luxury car, but I'm gonna say S-Class... if we can go used. The previous generation S65 would be my pick 🤤

      1 month ago