The E.U. suspends customs duties on US motorcycles

The European parliament took this decision to pacify the economic conflict with the U.S.A.

17w ago

During his government, the former US President Donald Trump had approved new taxes for steel products and aluminum sold in American territory by European states. The E.U. responded by placing extremely heavy customs duties on numerous US-built products including the motorcycles.

This trade war was in danger of turning into an economic catastrophe for many American motorcycle companies, but today the European Parliament has decided to eliminate this tax which would have come into effect on June 1st. This decision was made as a gesture of goodwill towards the new president Biden, with the hope of a new trade alliance between the United States and Europe to try to counter Chinese economic expansion.

Companies such as Harley Davidson or Indian will therefore be able to continue investing to extend their sales network in Europe without the danger of new taxes. It is hoped that in the near future, relations between the U.S.A and the U.E. consolidate this relaxation over a long period of time.

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