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The Evolution of DRIVETRIBE (2016-2018)

A Motoring home under the sun

2y ago

When Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May Departed from the BBC all those years ago, the three of them decided that they were going to work on a new TV show of their own and set an online motoring community called DRIVETRIBE. This series will aim to look at the evolution of a tv show, a company and or anything that i can think of.

The Beginning

Drivetribe was set up by Clarkson Hammond and May along with Andy Wilman in 2016 as a place where petrol-heads could come and share their thoughts on motors and stuff that was of interest to them. This proved to be very successful.

Tribes; What are they and how do they work?

Tribes are essentially the equivelent to a Google Plus Community but on a much bigger scale, you have a tribe leader (a person who leads the tribe) and then you have tribe contributors/members (people who contribute to tribes within the online DRIVETRIBE community. There are no limits when it comes to creating your own tribe (at least there wasn't until a new set of rules came in)

Creating a Tribe (That Easy?)

Back when the website launched in 2016 people were able to create as many tribes as possible until the DRIVETRIBE team decided to bring in a new set of rules around creating tribes. First off you have to now apply to create a tribe by filling out a form with your tribes name, social platforms and email address and if your applicaation is proven successful you will be given full control of the tribe; if not successful you will be messaged by the direct message function on the site and in the app by one of the DRIVETRIBE team members saying that the tribe you created is not available, instead they will ask you to join a tribe of a similar nature to what was put in the application form.


The DRIVETRIBE logo has been through many changes since the sites lauch on the 28th of November 2016, examples of which can be seen below

Where Next for DRIVETRIBE (looking to the future)

Nobody really knows what's next for DRIVETRIBE apart from possibly the Site team and the three presenters, one thing i do know for certain though is that DRIVETRIBE will have left a long lasting legacy behind it because of the devoted C,H,M Fans of new and Old.

That's it for this week on The Evolution of. Next week i Look at The Evolution

of Top Gear (2002-2015)

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