The evolution of James May's hair

5 days ago


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Comments (8)

The internet tells me this is James May.

Right. What do we know James May for? Being slower than Internet Explorer, capable of losing his way on a staircase, having a cure for insomnia and so on. It's pretty boring. What's not that boring, however, is this.

The hair, not the car.

He's gone from that, to this...

Long haired May with bottles of Red, Pink and White, all in brown, cos that's how he likes all his colours.

...and, surprisingly back to this.

No caption needed. Except for this one.

Now, why's he gone through such a change in just around 20 years, a sixth of his life until now? In the first picture, that was really old Top Gear. Later, in series 15, he had a quite noticeable haircut, which made all of us ignore Hammond's haircut for his midlife crisis.

What's happening with it now? As reports from himself say, it's growing. Good. We hope it continues to evolve.

Comment your favourite James May hair picture.

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Comments (8)


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