The exquisite 10.000Rpm Rotary Swapped Mazda 616 by Myth Motorsport

Proper Classic Rotary machine tackling Leadfoot Festival in anger

We return to Leadfoot Festival on New Zealand to show the 1972 Mazda 616 of Mark Strawbridge in its strongest showing yet. The Naturally Aspirated, Rotary machine, powered by a 12A PP engine producing a sonorous 285Hp/10.000Rpm was now able to post its fastest chrono ever in Rod MillenĀ“s driveway course, with a very respectable 00:57.09 .

Imported from Australia in original condition in 2006, the restoration of this 616 was a 4 year process, all while not only rehabilitating this machine but also preparing it to be raced in pretty serious conditions. Tuned to a very high level, this can easly be mistaken for an ex works car. With the 12A PP Naturally Aspirated engine unit being definitely the highlight of the build, it is also important tot note the effort during the last years to lose as much weight as possible, tipping the scales nowadays at a very impressive 900Kg.

It is not only a fast machine, but one where the attention to detail stands out, all while staying a truly analogue race car, something so hard to find nowadays.

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