- Menacing 6th generation ZL1. PHOTO: @p_stang_ (me)

The Extinction of the Camaro

"Goodbye and Good Riddance" -Juice WRLD

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The Chevy Camaro is on its way out, and it makes complete sense. I am not saying that I hate ALL Camaros or think that they are ALL bad cars. I am also not saying that MOST Camaros are bad. In fact, when the 5th generation Camaro began production in 2010 it was a huge success and a great car. When the 5th gen got its facelift in 2014 I remember arguing with my younger brother about how it looked. He thought it was better and I thought it worse. I have to point out that I was only 13 years old at the time, but even then I knew that I did not like the way that the Camaro design was changing.

Great looking facelifted 2014-2015 5th Gen. Camaro. PHOTO: @p_stang_

Great looking facelifted 2014-2015 5th Gen. Camaro. PHOTO: @p_stang_

This was before I was even very interested in cars. I point this out to say that it did not take knowledge, experience, or any skills to notice that unlike other cars, the Camaro was getting uglier. When the 6th generation Camaro rolled off the line in 2016, it was a definite step in the direction of fixing the Camaro. However, a couple of years later, as with the 5th gen, it was time for a facelift. Continuing the trend of "as with the 5th gen", it was a major downgrade. Late model Camaros have gotten uglier with time. 2016-2018 Camaros are fine. In fact, I think they look good (I still have other complaints, but we are focusing on looks for now), especially the ZL1 models, like the one shown in the main photo at the top of the page. In 2019, like in 2014, things took a turn for the worse.

PHOTO: https://drivetribe.com/p/pretty-or-pretty-ugly-2019-chevrolet-KTfpTiV7SsOnpPrrhapmzg?iid=UqLJvzjbRfqBg9WhZ9NiAA

PHOTO: https://drivetribe.com/p/pretty-or-pretty-ugly-2019-chevrolet-KTfpTiV7SsOnpPrrhapmzg?iid=UqLJvzjbRfqBg9WhZ9NiAA

The 2019 Camaro has such an ugly front end that I can't quite wrap my head around what the Chevy designers were thinking when they drew that up. Fortunately, Chevy listens to the people, and once again and promised to fix it. Once again, things are looking up for our friend the Camaro. Tragically, however, Chevy could not leave well enough alone. They did fix the ugly front end of the car, but they ruined the rear of the car.

PHOTO: https://carbuzz.com/cars/chevrolet/camaro

PHOTO: https://carbuzz.com/cars/chevrolet/camaro

As you can see in the pictures above, the 2 most recent year models of the Camaro simply have not looked very good. They do drive well, and they do perform well. They are decently reliable and I would say that they are a good value except for the exterior styling and a few other minor things, but every car has a few minor things, so that shouldn't set the Camaro apart. The exterior styling is a major thing though. One more major thing that I have not been able to get over each time that I drove a 2010-present Camaro is the visibility. They are impossible to see out of. The back window is smaller than both of my Mustangs were. Even worse than the back window are the two door windows. They come up so high that you can't see what is next to you. I am 5'9", which is exactly average height for an adult male, and I can't see a thing out of it (www.healthline.com/health/average-height-for-men). The door panels come up nearly to my chin, and only then does the window actually start. As you can imagine, this makes reversing and changing lanes rather difficult, and it makes daily driving more complicated than it should be. I have talked to people who own Camaros and swear by them but still hate the window situation. At least theirs were a little older and did not suffer from the unfortunate styling that has plagued the 2019 and 2020 Camaros.

All of these things have led to low sales numbers for the Camaro in recent years, while its main competitors (Mustang and Challenger) soar ahead. I have heard rumors for a while now that Chevy might discontinue the Camaro, and now it seems that they truly might. There have been rumors that GM will not do any further development on the Camaro, which means that the 6th generation Camaro may be the last genration Camaro. Chevy has killed the Camaro before, and it looks like they might do it again. The 6th gen will end its production in 2023, and there may not be another Camaro after that. It is worth noting that when GM was asked about the rumors, they would not make any comments confirming or denying them.

I would love to see the Camaro make a comeback and sell in huge numbers so that GM lets it live on. My ride in a 6th gen ZL1 on track at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX was one of the most insane experiences of my life. It was crazier than riding in a McLaren 570 GT4. The Camaro absolutely has its moments, but I think that there are too many cons. Clearly, other people think that too.

-Paul Stanglin

What do you think? Comment and let me know if you think I am crazy or if you agree.

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  • Mustang gang 😤👊

      17 days ago
  • I agree. The Camaro has been trailing the Challenger and Mustang pretty much since the 2014/15 redesign. All of the cons have led to the Camaro’s lethargic sales. I think it’s also worth noting, that it’s left a lot of its muscle car spirit behind becoming more sports car like.

      13 days ago