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The extravagant Hot Wheels Mclaren Senna has been updated

The Mclaren Senna headlight sculpture has been recreated.

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Many collectors complained about the headlight inlets on the original Senna casting. Hot Wheels listened to their fans and indented the headlights further, improving the design. No there is no paint, but that okay as it looks much better. The real Mclaren Senna uses a 4.0 L Twin-turbocharged, flat-plane crankshaft V-8 that produces 789 horsepower and 591 lb ft of torque. It is designed for track use and is a savage automobile.

Car And Driver

Car And Driver

Front textures and detail

As I said before there is no headlight detail, but the headlight inlets have been improved to look much better. Thankfully the Mclaren badge is painted in black with silver lettering on the front of the car. It has an aggressive front spliter and there is lots of black paint on the front to complete the carbon fiber look. On the two other mainline Mclaren Senna's released, the glass was tinted very dark and you could barely see the interior. Fortunately on this new white variant, you can see the interior pretty well. Inside you can see the bucket seats and the awesome center screen in the middle of the car, facing the driver. You can also see the texture of the 4.0 L V-8, which is just awesome.

My personal Mclaren Senna

My personal Mclaren Senna

Rear details and textures

The front may not have light details, but the rear does. All the rear lights are painted bright red and the "Mclaren" emblem and lettering is all painted in silver. The exhaust has no paint, but has an indentation. I should mention that the alien-style vents are plastic glass and it gives the car a great look. The wing is metal and a part of the body. The wheels are painted black and it gives the car a slick look, especially with the white paint job.

Rear details of my Senna

Rear details of my Senna


I really loved that Hot Wheels even came out with the Mclaren Senna in the first place. It costs them a fortune to get this kind of license and to develop these $1 model cars. I am very appreciative that these can exist. I think that even though it has no painted headlights, it looks just fine and I really love my three Mclaren Sennas'. If you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more content daily! Have a nice day!

All of my Mclaren Sennas'

All of my Mclaren Sennas'

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