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The EZS: MG's first ever electric car revealed

43w ago


The EZS is the first ever electric vehicle produced by MG, just announced at the Guangzhou Motorshow in China this week. MG hasn't let loose on much information and detail about the electric vehicle, so here is what we know so far.

Will it be cheeky, with British-Indian charm or will it be as ugly as mashed potato that looks like Theresa May?


Well, it's not that bad. It is based on the company's current SUV - the ZS - using a front mounted electric motor, MG said it will push out 148BPH, so should go like a scalded cat. The battery will hopefully last for at least 268 miles, which seems to fit in with the industry standard for larger electric vehicles of today, most floating around that 250 golden mile marker.


The styling is similar to the ZS itself - a fairly simple but inviting place to be, something Modern MGs have been improving on in last few years. More technical details will be coming out in the next month or so, says MG at the Motorshow this week.

It seems from what has been said that MG is doing very well in China, sales figures from the last few years show they have a massive increase of sales in the country - from 2016 to 2017, a 67% jump in one year... Not bad MG, not bad at all.

We are still waiting to hear on the UK sales figures but should show good news back here, at home. It would fit right in, in its homeland.

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