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T​he F-Type goes Rallying!

N​ever thought you'd hear that did you!

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A​ little teaser of what we got up to, with thanks to Jade Pavely the 2018 Tarmac Champ!

A​s a homage to the 1950's XK120 Alpine Rally Star, and part of Jaguar’s 70 years of sports cars celebration in 2018, those bonkers British Jaguar engineers have designed and built two F-type roadster models to go off the tarmac and onto the rally stage.

Based on the F-type Convertible, both models are fitted with the entry-level 296bhp four-cylinder petrol engine, matched to the standard-fit eight-speed automatic gearbox. From here, an internal roll-cage fitted to FIA specification sit alongside racing bucket seats and six-point harnesses. GT4-spec carbonfibre door cards have also replaced the standard items, a necessary move in order to fit the cage.

T​his all means that the F-Type is now one hell of a looker, and more akin to Mad Mad than the M40. We got behind the wheel and had a play with this no-nonsense, stripped out Thundercat!

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  • It's hard not to look at your watch in this thumbnail 😂

      1 year ago
  • Typical style over substance product Placement Instagram YouTube Influencer nonsense...

      1 year ago
  • "We got behind the wheel and had a play with this no-nonsense, stripped out Thundercat!"

    well...what did you find?

      1 year ago


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