The f-Type needs to be heard

One of the highlights of the Jaguar F-Type is the extraordinary noise it makes. It's only in the convertible that you can get the most out of it.

4y ago

One day I will own one. Not only do F-Types look amazing they also sound like no other car for that kind of money. Sure, if you had a million quid something like a Pagani Zonda would keep your ears happier but the F-Type is not far behind.

It's fair to say that the coupe version has slightly better lines than the convertible but one thing the coupe doesn't have is no no-roof (too many negatives but you know what I'm saying). Because I've heard this directly from more than one F-Type coupe owner: It sounds amazing but to really appreciate it they've had to wind down the windows. So every one near the car gets to fully appreciate and be entertained by the amazing sounds except for the driver, and their passenger.

So "when" I buy my F-Type it will be the convertible version so I get to enjoy its sound as much as everyone else.

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      4 years ago