Hello and welcome to another car review! Today, I'll be reviewing the ferocious Jaguar F-Type SVR. Also, apologies in advance for all the cat and animal related puns.

Ever since Jaguar launched their 'Special Vehicle Operations', they have been adding carbon fibre, making the cars more track friendly and charging you more for less which has traditionally been the forte of Porsche but all of a sudden, Jag are now doing it as well! Jaguar of course have a rich racing heritage but barring a few cars, they haven't really been ones to make ultra quick road cars with hard suspension. However, as they say 'Nothing in life is certain except death and taxes' so it was only a matter of time before Jaguar got stuck in and started making lighter and faster versions of their cars with this being their very first offering.

Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes

Benjamin Franklin

Jaguar chose their already excellent F-Type sportscar as their first lab rat under the SVO/SVR umbrella and my word, they worked wonders with it. Bearing in mind that the F-Type was already an excellent car before it was 'sent to Coventry'. This meant that they could not by any means, get this one wrong and good news for the petrolhead world, they didn't! The first time I drove this car was around a track which I had only had about 2 laps of prior experience so while I only managed a meager top speed of 180 kph, it was more down to me being frightened to death rather than the track itself not having long enough straights. Crossing the 200kph barrier is a huge milestone for any petrolhead as I would later do it in a Jag XJR 575 though I couldn't help but think it may have been a bit sweeter in an F-Type.


The first tell-tale sign that this isn't any ordinary leaping cat is the spoiler on the rear, that sets the SVR apart from the other F-Types. Secondly, you'll notice the two SVR badges on the exterior and then if you've got a keen eye, you will realize that there are all sorts of new air vents dotted all over the place because even the biggest of cars need to take a deep breath every now and then. I also forgot the quad exhaust pipes which also say 'SVR' on them by the way. The noise coming out of them sounds like Bryan Adams singing Heaven, rather raspy in other words but a pleasant rasp. This mad cat is also lowered a little bit, the side effects of which is a rather shaky ride. It's only courteous of me to warn the elderly not to put their dentures in when going for a drive in this as it will make your teeth chatter like nobody's business!


The interior is a blend of rich but rather skinny leather and alcantara. There's alcantara on the dash, around the centre console and even in the roof liner so Jag weren't lying when they said 'every gram has its place'. There is no glovebox handle, instead you get a small button because weight saving, right?! There's a long and rather expensive options list on this car like the carbon ceramic brakes, glass roof, privacy glass but my favourite option is the carbon fiber center console. This model came with that option and it seems to have had plastic surgery in that I mean, it literally looks like plastic. The carbon fiber is very dull in appearance and doesn't feel like the real stuff either, yet it still costs nearly $4k for that option, go figure!


The Jaguar F-Type SVR is a whole different beast, it's ferocious and unhinged but the thing is, it can be tamed. You don't have to take it to the limit to get the most out of it though that does help. Even a slight touch of the pedal unlocks that monstrous 5.0L supercharged V8 and boy, does it roar!




Words and pictures by Matthew D'souza

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