The Fact is... We Already Miss the NSX

Honda Acura is ending the NSX after 2022. This is why they decided they nix the fastest JDM legend, and why it makes us so sad.

The Acura NSX has a racing and performance legend built around it from both the first and the modern generations! Can I rant? The NSX is leaving at a terrible time. The ugly Integra threatens to replace it, bringing down the whole Acura brand on average. The Type-S would've been cool if it wasn't sprinkled across the lineup like a flower girl on a wedding day! You get a Type-S edition! You get a Type-S edition!

From pop-up headlights to 700 horsepower from three high-tech hybrid engines, you will always have a place in our hearts! And the price! If history has taught us anything, the now-affordable Hondas will quickly become unaffordable for us commonfolk so if you have the cash... get one now, darn it! Acura NSX... we miss you already.

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  • Not to spoil anyone, but the next gen NSX will be fully electric. Same with the new Ford GT (renamed to Thunderbird)

      23 days ago