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The Fast & the Furious, which is your favourite?

All you need to know about the famous nitrous-fuelled adventure series

2y ago

When the Fast & the Furious first hit our screens in 2001, who knew that eight episodes later it would be amongst the most successful film franchises ever?

Inspiring a generation of nitrous infused petrolheads, it's generated over $5 billion in box office takings and has done more than its fair share to advertise the fortunes of JDM cars and Corona beer alike.

Next year will see the franchise head to the UK as episode 9 hits the streets of London, with a release date of May 2020. While a 10th and supposedly final episode is slated for the following year.

Whether you’re a Fast and the Furious fanatic, or you’re looking to navigate your way into the series, a new Facts & the Furious site from insurance specialists Tempcover.com, provides the ultimate guide to film ratings, earnings, stats and facts.

The Facts & the Furious

Episode 7 for example, is the eighth biggest movie of all time grossing a profit of £1.07 billion, through sales of £1.2 billion and a budget of £153 million, a fantastic 798% return on investment. While episode one, with a budget of £30.5 million, proved the cheapest to make.

In terms of ratings, critics from the film review site Rotten Tomatoes scored Furious 7 the leader of the pack, with a rating of 81%, while amateur reviewers gave it a score of 82%. Episode 4, with a rating of just 29%, was apparently the dog of the set.

Episode 4, Fast & Furious, did the most for sales of Corona beer, with a full 2 minutes 12 seconds of screen time, narrowly beating episode one at 2 minutes.

With testosterone fuelled nitrous action juxtaposed with Vin Diesel’s odes to family values, episode one carried the highest count for shots of nitrous (nine shots) as well as screen time dedicated to "meals as a family' (1-minute 20 seconds).

“the most important thing in life will always be the people in this room’

As for foreign travel, episodes 6 and 7 shared the highest count for countries visited – both tallied six, including Azerbaijan, the Dominican Republic, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Spain, the UAE and the USA amongst the mix.

The Facts & the Furious site is packed with other findings, including: punches thrown and explosions (episode 8 the winner on both counts), on screen driving time per character and number of cars driven per character.

With excitement building for episode nine next year, which is your favourite? Do you agree with the Rotten Tomatoes film critics?

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  • The fifth is the very best obviously. Hobbs is still a side gig, Han is alive and Paul Walker too. Happy Film, so it definitely is the best

      2 years ago
  • I really can't choose. Tied between (and I know lots of you might hate this) 2 fast 2 furious, Fast 4, and Fast Five. 2 is just so funny I can't not love it to death, and the other two are like the best 5 hour long movie ever

      2 years ago